Nicola Wearne

Nicola Wearne

MOT – Master of Occupational Therapy, Bioregulatory Medicine

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Nicola Wearne

A registered Occupational Therapist holding a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from Curtin University and post graduate qualifications in Soft Tissue Medicine, Nicola has focussed on Soft Tissue Therapy since 2006. Nicola’s extensive experience in the field has led to her development and delivery of post-graduate soft tissue therapy training for Occupational Therapists in Perth. 

In 2010, Nicola continued her education to include Biopuncture and Biomesotherapy and now uses bioregulatory medicine in combination with soft tissue functional therapy in a holistic approach to acute treatment and long term health outcomes.

As a former high level gymnast training at the WA Institute of Sport and national level dressage rider and competitor, Nicola has a special interest in performance and elite sportspeople and dancers, but also enjoys helping people solve painful conditions as well as musculoskeletal, acute, chronic and functional issues using a holistic whole of body approach.

Nicola’s approach is to always look at the causes of dysfunction not just the symptoms. She uses various physical and bioregulatory approaches to get the very best results for her clients.


Functional Soft Tissue Therapy, Biomesotherapy


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