Bioregulatory Medicine

Bioregulatory medicine, also known as homotoxicology, is a sophisticated, modern form of natural medicine. It considers diseases to be ultimately caused by toxins, which can be either chemical, bacterial, biological, post traumatic cellular debris or by-products of the normal metabolic processes. Disease symptoms are said to be caused by the body’s attempt to heal itself and should not necessarily be suppressed.

In Bioregulatory medicine, potentised low dose substances as well as herbs and nutritional substances are used to enhance the body’s defence mechanisms, facilitate the elimination of toxic substances from the cells and tissues, and relieve symptoms of disease, while supporting and restoring normal metabolic processes. Bioregulatory products are often used as an adjunct and support to medical treatments.

Bioregulatory medicine also involves:

  • Biomesotherapy – the combination of acupuncture with bioregulatory medicine
  • Dorn Spinal Therapy – a non-manipulative spinal treatment system

At Max Health, our practitioners may use bioregulatory medicine in conjunction with other therapeutical approaches or as a key modality depending on your individual needs.


Biomesotherapy combines acupuncture with bioregulatory medicine. Preparations are delivered via oral spray concurrently with small injections of saline under the skin at specific sites, local areas or acupuncture points. It is often used for musculo skeletal pain and minor orthopaedic problems including neck and back pain, headaches, sports injuries, old injuries, scar tissue, metabolic conditions and cosmetic therapy. It is a popular treatment when traditional medication has failed or produced unwanted side effects and for people who seek to manage their conditions while reducing reliance on pharmaceutical preparations.

Dorn Spinal Therapy

Dorn Spinal Therapy is a gentle, non manipulative spinal treatment system developed in Germany. It uses self determined movements to allow the joints and vertebrae to slip back into their correct and natural place. It is a low repetitive therapy that has shown to be highly effective for relief of back and neck pain. Dorn spinal realignment therapy is followed by a relaxing and soothing spinal massage using a nerve soothing oil blend.

Bioregulatory Medicine Practitioners

Our practitioners are members of the ASBRM – Australian Society of Bioregulatory Medicine an independent, membership-based medical body for Bioregulatory Medicine in Australia.


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