Optimise your performance

Our Occupational Therapists specialise in the area of soft tissue treatment and aim to improve, restore and maintain function through out the life span. Individuals normally seek neuro-muscular treatment when they are in pain, injured or their body is not functioning as well as it was previously.  Soft tissue therapies can be extremely effective in optimising and enhancing the healthy functioning body. Many elite sports people are managed physically by a team of doctors and therapists. The occupational therapists at Max Health are skilled in this particular area and regularly assist their clients to achieve maximal output from their bodies by facilitating maximal joint mobility, muscle tissue function, neural signalling and systemic function to achieve improvements in speed, flexibility, strength and endurance.

This is achieved through individually tailored treatment programs which includes full body musculo-skeletal screening, a review of past and current injury and managing perceived blocks to improvement and a thorough occupational performance screen.

Assisting elite sports persons

We have had much success assisting elite sports people to get the very best from their body by maximising energy, performance and physical abilities as well as optimising training, competition and injury recovery times

Who might benefit from Performance Optimisation

People at the peak of their sporting career who seek enhancement, maintenance or to extend their career, as well as people who are returning to sport or physical activity after a significant period.

We can provide a baseline of your current function and effective soft tissue treatment to assist in optimising your return to exercise while reducing your risk of injury and smoothing your body’s transition to peak fitness.







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