Pain Management

Natural Alternatives

Pain can be a simple set of nerve impulses going from the site of pain to the brain which resolves quickly when the cause of pain is removed. Pain is a protective mechanism allowing us time to heal and protecting us from further injury. It also acts as a teaching or warning tool.

Pain can also be a highly complex reaction to dysfunction in the body and can be an impediment to healing when the bodies information pathways become disrupted. In particular the neuro signalling and inflammation pathways.

Pain is not always felt at the site of the dysfunction.

Pharmaceuticals that block pain pathways can and enable pain to become chronic.

Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) can cause serious side effects such as gastro intestinal disease and cardiovascular disease especially if used for extended periods of time.

The use of cortico steroids can damage the immune system and weaken bones and joints.
At Max Health we have clinically proven solutions that assist to restore these pathways, reduce your pain and your reliance on pharmaceuticals.

Depending on the cause, duration and nature of your pain an individualised assessment and treatment plan may include some of the following treatments:


Injury recovery

Unexpected injury even when minor can disrupt your life, your work and your sporting goals.
How you initially manage an injury can have a major impact on how quickly and fully you recover form the damage caused and how much impact the injury will have on your future life.

Just to be clear – All serious injuries are treated with first aid principles initially, with regard to safety, consciousness, breathing , circulation and controlling bleeding and seeking medical attention if needed.
When the immediate danger is passed and for less serious injuries, the principles goals are to reduce the damage caused and Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE) is the norm. Although ice should only be applied to reduce heat , swelling and slow bleeding in the early stages and only if necessary.

After the initial damage has been contained it is important to reduce the inflammation and improve the circulation to the area. Be careful with the use of ice at this time as it can interfere with circulation and healing.

Max Health practitioners use:

To reduce inflammation and blood stagnation that may slow the healing process. We use a variety of effective and proven natural anti inflammatory products reduce your reliance on pharmaceuticals that may have damaging side effects and drive your injury to become chronic.

Our practitioners can guide you to choose the best recovery path for your particular injury.

Injuries more than 6 weeks old are at risk of becoming chronic so make a recovery plan early.





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